Benefits of Electric Fireplace

Fall is officially here, and not a moment too soon after an incredibly scorching summer. Shifting gears, any eco-savvy person knows that a whole new set of rules come into play once the season begins its long cold descent into winter.

While normally aware of Mother Nature-inspired do’s and don’ts, most of us will admit that our guilty winter pleasure has to be the fireplace. Fireplaces are a terrible eco-gremlin, not only using burning natural resources but releasing smoke and fumes into your home and atmosphere. Fortunately, there are a few things we can do to make sure our fireplace use is as green as possible.

Wood Burning Vs. Electric Fireplace

Wood Burning fireplaces are often limited to a large home that can accommodate the space and chimney necessary to install a traditional fireplace. With an electric fireplace, it’s possible to have a fireplace no matter what size or type of home you’re in.

The use of a wood-burning fireplace still leads to harmful smoke, fumes, and other indoor air pollutants – definitely something to consider if you have pets or children. Traditional fireplaces burn very inefficiently and produce hundreds of chemical compounds, including carbon monoxide, organic gases, particulates, and some of the same cancer-causing agents found in tobacco smoke.

Minor spillage of these pollutants occurs regularly, primarily when starting or stoking the fire. However, the larger concern is when the fire smolders late at night, producing high levels of CO and a weak draft that is dangerous and sometimes even fatal.

Whether or not you have a fireplace, you can still create the same effect with a faux fireplace that doubles as an energy-efficient heater. A fireplace lets you fill your home with a mesmerizing, soft glow without the hassle of burning ash and buying wood.

Electric fireplaces are perfect if you live in a small home or apartment and prefer the stylish addition of a fireplace. Make it possible for these types of spaces to still enjoy the warm glow of a fireplace. The look of an electric fireplace is surprisingly realistic since it includes light bulbs to simulate the gentle smoldering of a fire down to the glowing embers. With portable fireplace, you can get the coveted architectural element of a fireplace without the cost-plus. Its portability allows you to move it whenever you decide to rearrange your decor.

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are an aesthetic and practical way to add extra warmth to your home. They simulate the look of a real wood fire but don’t burn gas or wood, so they’re both safer and cleaner. If you’re not sure an electric fire is a right choice for you, here are a few benefits to consider:

  1. Eliminate harmful emissions and indoor pollutants caused by wood fires.
  2. No need to buy wood – just plug it in and enjoy.
  3. No piles of ash to clean up.
  4. It can be installed in rooms that don’t have traditional fireplaces or chimneys.
  5. Look just like real fires, with flickering flames and glowing embers.
  6. Warm your room- up to 400 square feet – and reduce your household heating costs. Or turn off the heat and just enjoy the look of a real fire without raising the temp.
  7. Rearrange whenever you want! Electric fireplaces are easy to install and can go nearly anywhere in the room.
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