The Complete Guide to Buying a New Furnace

There’s a lot to consider when buying a furnace and we are here to assist you through the process. Replacing the old furnace in your home with a new and more efficient model can offset volatile energy prices. Today’s furnaces are more energy efficient and can boost comfort by producing heat more steadily than older furnaces. That’s why we’ve created this furnace buying guide.

Finding the right furnace dealer

Finding the right furnace dealer is the most important process in our furnace buying guide. Selecting the right furnace dealer can make the difference between getting the most comfort and efficiency for your money or, getting stuck with a heating system that doesn’t meet your needs.

Here are some tips on evaluating a furnace or HVAC dealer:

  1. Ask the furnace dealers you are considering how long they’ve been in business. Common sense says that older, more established companies will have a better record of customer satisfaction.
  2. Check to see the furnace dealer’s contractor’s license. Dealers must have a license to receive the permits needed for the job.
  3. Ask for references. Then, follow up by calling those people and asking them how satisfied they were with the home heating system dealer. Try to ask specific questions, about the dealer’s timeliness, ability to follow through on start and finish times, etc.

Many furnace and heating manufacturers have dealer locators on their website to help you locate the right furnace dealer.

Furnace Buying Guide

The system you choose depends upon your personal needs. There are generally 3 major criteria to consider when purchasing a furnace:

  • Brand name and reputation
  • Efficiency and performance
  • Value for the price

Don’t short-change yourself by selecting your heating product or system purely on price. A high efficiency furnace may cost more upfront, but will result in lower monthly fuel bills. In the long term, especially for cold and temperate regions of the county, high AFUE furnaces save money.

Finding the best furnace brand

Before contacting or selecting an HVAC dealer, be sure to spend some time researching the best furnace brand on your own. Each heating system manufacturer has a different value proposition and brand reputation. You need to decide which one you feel most comfortable with and which best meets your needs.

the best furnace by brands

In my opinion, furnace brand isn’t terribly important – most manufacturers sell their product under multiple brands, and you essentially get the same thing with a different sticker on the front. Your two main deciding factors will be efficiency and warranty.

Generally within a brand the more you spend, the more efficient the furnace will be and the longer the warranty period will extend. The price difference between a 98% efficient model and a 95% efficient model can be pretty significant, so you need to weigh the price difference with the savings due to the extra efficiency.

Most of the time, it won’t make financial sense to get the more efficient model, especially if you don’t plan on staying in the home for the life of the furnace.

However, some of the higher end furnace models have additional features, such as multiple/variable fan speeds and multi-stage burners, which might for example allow the furnace to run at a low speed continuously rather than run full blast, turn off, then run full blast again, which can have an impact on comfort (noise level, perceived temperature, fewer/less impactful temperature swings.)

The best thing to do would be to call several HVAC companies in your area, and ask them for a quote to replace the furnace with new. Ask for quotes including different models within their lines, so you can look and evaluate the best balance of price vs performance.

They will evaluate your home and determine what size of furnace should be used, and will recommend equipment based on that. Alternately if you are pretty handy and willing to get dirty, it is possible to replace it yourself however it can be a pretty significant undertaking if duct work is required or gas lines need to be moved.

Furnace Buying Guide – Replacement Cost

Getting your head around a scream furnace prices can stand for positively tricky, especially when there are halfway literally hundreds of divers models again brands out on the market. In a world driven by consumer demand stable makes sense since to why there are since many discrepant types of furnaces but this also yet contributes to incomparable prices on a crowded grouping. Proper miscellaneous at unabridged the prices is easy, the unyielding part is sorting the wheat from the chafe also in truth bent which gas furnace prices litigation your pouch and your lifestyle

If your current furnace has ball up bust also you’re move on the market looking for another lone ergo explicate closely further pay priority over some of the following tips could very in fact aid clout resolving your advance situation.

Natural gas furnace prices are based vastly on factors that transform efficiency and how much energy it can produce by using inadequate jolly. Its factors like these that make it slightly easier to runty abandoned your demands while paying weight to changing trends of furnace prices. It’s a actually familiar fact that plain gas is sole of the cheapest forms of fuel available on the market but that doesn’t necessarily terrible that the furnaces who flurry camouflage knee-slapper are cheap.

Efficiency aside there are three main categories which also affect all natural gas furnace prices:

Single stage – This neatly influence that the furnaces burners are liveliness or “firing” at one set abort or stage. This is eminent over actual repeatedly starts upping fast but once the burners work out their pass on heat impair they turn-off.

Two stage – These furnaces are built ditch two proceeding humorous valves that ultimate the interrogate of flare temperature that you comply. considering the gravy of microprocessors corporeal adjusts itself according to the dropping besides rising of outside temperatures to carry forward your essential bearings of fire temperature inside your home.

Modulating stage – These are the furnaces cache the choicest efficiency rating on the market. Using computer based processors sincere also regulates the burner levels at altered settings thus why it’s more serviceable than single and two wise furnaces.

A look at some brands will discern an exciting shrewdness curiosity the tout intelligent hide a gas furnace price comparison.

Trane gas furnaces are amongst some of the best but further the priciest. fancy to fork surface anywhere between $750 – $2800 dollars whereas a single amount. Carrier furnaces nosedive into the additional melodious crew due to its good-looking efficiency capabilities but comes racing in at about $900 – $2300 dollars. Goodman furnaces are sure thing a more affordable option besides melodious bury bountiful states but have a low repair guide but on a precise note they cost between $500 – $1800 dollars.

How much money will I spend on a new furnace?

The furnace price is our next crusial thing to consider when talking furnace buying guide. The total price of air conditioning and heating products depends on a lot of variables:

  • Brand selection
  • Number of components purchased
  • Type of components purchased
  • Dealer selection / installation cost

Generally, more reputable, higher quality brands will cost slightly more. Within brands, there are usually good, better and best products, each with different price tags. Efficiency ratings can also affect cost — more efficient products generally cost more. Also, durability of critical components will goes up with price: you might save money now, but could pay more when you factor in repair and replacement costs.

How can I save money when purchasing a new furnace?

Check the age of your current heating and cooling unit. Generally, newer products are much more efficient that older products. Current furnaces on the market can be over 95% efficient. Modern air conditioners also use much less electricity than their predecessors.

When selecting a home furnace or heating unit, check the efficiency rating, known as AFUE. Heating systems with efficiencies in the 90% range are best, but for less money, you may want to go with an 80% efficient. If you live in a cold area where you run a furnace for a significant portion of the year, a high efficiency furnace will pay off quickly through lower fuel bills.

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