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SaniDry Dehumidifier CSB or SaniDry Crawlspace is a large unit that is made to fit the typical conditions of a crawlspace. It is designed to be put in crawlspaces or basements that have high humidity for short or long periods of time. However, the attractively designed of SaniDry Dehumidifier CSB unit can be put almost anywhere in a home where dehumidification is needed.

If you use it outside of a home or in a pool area, the warranty will be void. The SaniDry CSB is made to work in temperatures ranging from 56°F to 95°F. If the temperature is outside of these ranges, the dehumidifier may not work as well. In order for the dehumidifier to work well, it needs to be placed in a place where water can’t get in or where there isn’t too much fresh air coming in from outside.

It can remove 90 pints of water per day, and the supplier says it is good for a crawlspace that is up to 2200 square feet. The SaniDry Dehumidifier CSB would work just as well in a basement, where its small size could be a plus depending on how the space is set up.

In the two SaniDry dehumidifier models, the SaniDry CSB goes with the SaniDry Basement Dehumidifier. The brand is only sold by Basement Systems, which does a wide range of work to finish and improve basements. It is made by Therma-Stor, which also sells its own brand of crawlspace dehumidifiers.

The SaniDry crawlspace model looks exactly the same as the Santa Fe Advance, and its published specifications are so similar to those of the Santa Fe Advance that it seems very likely that it is the same unit without any changes. If that’s the case, this dehumidifier can’t be faulted for how well it works or how well it’s made, so the only way to decide between the two is by cost.

SaniDry Dehumidifier CSB Features

Energy Star® has given the SaniDry Crawlspace Dehumidifier a rating of 2.6 liters per kilowatt-hour, which means it uses a lot less energy than a typical room dehumidifier. Therma-Stor has made a tough, long-lasting unit that meets commercial rather than residential standards. This unit can handle the harsh conditions in a crawlspace and still work very well.

The SaniDry Dehumidifier CSB is small and has a long, low shape that makes it easy to fit into even the smallest crawl space. Even with the leveling feet, it’s still less than 2 feet tall, and even though it’s a bit heavy, that should only be a problem when setting it up. After that, it shouldn’t have to be moved very often.

Since the unit has continuous drainage, it shouldn’t need much more than a regular cleaning and maintenance visit once in a while. Usually, the water flows downhill to a nearby drain, but a separate condensate pump may be attached to the dehumidifier to move the water to the next level of the house if there is no suitable outlet in the crawlspace.

The SaniDry Crawlspace Dehumidifier can work in low temperatures because it has an auto-defrost system. Normally, the CSB wouldn’t work well in cooler temperatures because ice would form on the refrigeration coils. However, this device makes the CSB work well down to 45°F.

This dehumidifier has a humidistat that can be changed. This is a way to save energy because it stops the dehumidifier from running once the relative humidity (RH) has reached a safe level. It might take the CSB a day or two to get the humidity down to the right level, but once it does, it will just turn on and off as needed to keep the level right. A relative humidity level of 45 to 50 percent will be enough to stop mold growth and keep dust mites away.

If this dehumidifier is going to be used in a basement with several closed-off rooms, the SaniDry crawlspace dehumidifier can be connected to ducting to make sure that all of these rooms are dehumidified well.

An important feature of a crawlspace dehumidifier is auto-restart, which makes sure that the unit starts up at the same setting it was before the power went out. The CSB, of course, has this feature.


ModelSaniDry crawlspace Dehumidifier
Application(s)Crawl spaces/basements
Suitable forMedium areas (up to 2,200 sq ft)
Carrying handleNo
Weight (lbs)71
Dimensions, inches (WxDxH)14 1/2 x 34 x 19
Dehumidification processRefrigerant
Water extraction (80°F/60% RH)90 pints per 24 hrs
Water container capacity (pints)None, bucketless
Container full indicatorN/A
Auto-power cut off when fullN/A
Continuous drainageYes
Minimum operating temperature45°F
Electronic controlsNo
Variable fan speed settingsNo
Noise levelTBA
Energy factor L/kWH2.6
Power input700W

SaniDry Dehumidifier CSB Price

Price information for the SaniDry Dehumidifier CSB is not widely available, and a potential buyer can only get it by contacting a licensed Basement Systems contractor. The price of SaniDry includes the cost of installation, which needs to be taken into account when comparing offers.


We are happy to recommend this SaniDry Dehumidifier CSB because it works well, is reliable, and doesn’t cost much to run. Therma-Stor Advance is one of the best crawlspace dehumidifier brands on the market today, and that must still be true when it has a SaniDry badge.

We can’t say anything about SaniDry Dehumidifier CSB price because the manufacturer doesn’t have a published list price, and this calculation has to be done for an installation that may be part of a larger project that Basement Systems is doing to fix up or remodel a basement.

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