How to Remove Permanent Marker From a Leather Couch

A permanent marker on a leather couch can ruin a nice piece of furniture. It is important to treat the stain as quickly as possible to have the best chance of removing the marking. Before trying any stain-removing technique or cleaner, be sure to test the cleaner on a hidden portion of the couch to ensure that it will not further ruin the leather.

Things Needed

  • Hair spray
  • Soft cloth
  • Commercial leather cleaner
  • Ink stain remover

Step 1

Spray the stain with hair spray.

Step 2

Wipe the stain clean with a soft clean cloth.

Step 3

Clean the stain with a commercial leather cleaner. This will help remove the stain if the hair spray did not work and can help match the clean spot of leather with the rest of the couch if there is a noticeable difference after cleaning the spot where the permanent marker was. If the stain persists, the Sharpie website recommends Amodex stain remover for ink stains.

Permanent markers can be taken off of leather with a number of things, some of which you might already have at home. The first thing you learn about how to get permanent markers out of leather is that you should always test the products in an area that won’t be seen. When you use any cleaning product on leather, you risk taking out the color or ruining the finish.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this article about how to remove permanent markers from leather couch. We hope that these ways of getting Sharpie off of leather were helpful.

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Written by: Aaron Walker

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