How to Remove Gum From Sheets?

While chewing gum is readily enjoyed by people of all ages, because of its composition, it can create a problem if it is not disposed of properly. Modern chewing gum is created from synthetic gum resins that tend to be sticky. This sticky substance adheres to surfaces with which it comes in contact, including bed sheets. Fortunately, you can easily remove gum from sheets with the help of some items you have around your house.

Things Needed

  • Freezer
  • Butter knife or dull knife
  • Pre-wash spray

Step 1

Place the sheets in the freezer for approximately two to three hours to allow the gum to harden.

Step 2

Remove the sheets from the freezer and scrape the hardened gum from the fabric with the edge of a butter knife or another dull knife.

Step 3

Spray the affected area with a pre-wash until saturated if any gum residue remains after scraping.

Step 4

Launder the sheets as recommended on the attached care label.


  • If visible gum residue remains after scraping, spray with pre-wash and rub the spray into the sheet with your fingertips. This will help break up the residue and make it easier to remove when the sheets are laundered.
  • If you can’t place your sheets in the freezer, place a bag of ice or an ice pack over the gum for approximately one hour to harden the gum.

Hope you no longer think it’s the end of the world when gum gets stuck on your sheets. Apply the how-to remove gum from sheets method carefully and always follow the instructions on the care label before doing anything.

Author Aaron Walker

Written by: Aaron Walker

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