How to Maintain a Whole-House Humidifier Properly

Understanding the whole house humidifier maintenance requirements is important to get the best benefits. A humidifier is designed to add moisture to your household’s interior air. It can be beneficial to the health of everyone living in your home. It can also help protect your wood furniture and your hardwood floors from cracks caused by dry air.

Whole-house humidifiers can be very beneficial during cold and dry months. Excessive moisture and humidity in your home can lead to the growth of mold within the system – which can lead to negative effects all around.

That’s why maintenance is very important. How often you should maintain your whole-house humidifier depends on the climate you live in.

Whole House Humidifier Maintenance

To optimize your whole-house humidifier’s performance is by maintaining it regularly. Whole-house humidifier maintenance is an easy task for a DIY home maintenance project.

Always consult the owner’s manual for specific maintenance instructions.

Clean and/or Change the Filter

The humidifier filter comprises an expanded aluminum honeycomb mesh dipped in a ceramic slip. The filter in the water panel can become clogged and restrict airflow through the pad.

It’s recommended that the filter in the water panel be changed at least once every year.

Check the Drain Line

Inspect the drain line each year to ensure it is free from blockages. Like the filter, mineral deposits can build up in the drain line.

Clean the Orifice

The orifice is metering equipment that controls the amount of water flowing through the feed tube to the water circulation tray. The orifice typically nests into the waterline directly after the solenoid valve. The orifice should be maintained and kept clean.

Can I Use Whole House Humidifier In Summer?

Another aspect of maintaining your whole-house humidifier is to shut down the units. When the season’s change and outdoor weather becomes warm, this should be a signal that it’s time to shut down your whole house humidifier for the next several months.

Make sure to shut down your whole-house humidifier in the summer so that it doesn’t have the opportunity to grow mold in your home on days when outdoor humidity is already high.

It’s important to make sure it’s shut down properly. A proper shut down will ensure that the humidifier does not have the opportunity to become contaminated with mold during the hottest months of the year.

Steps To Shutting Down Your Whole House Humidifier

  1. Make sure your whole house humidifier is turned off.
  2. Locate the water supply to the humidifier and turn it off.
  3. If the system has a duct damper, close it.

The steps to shutting off a whole-home humidifier are relatively straightforward. If you can figure out how to install a whole-house humidifier, you should have no problem shutting down the humidifier for the summer.

Any homeowner who requires assistance with whole-house humidifier maintenance can contact a local HVAC company with technicians experienced in whole-house humidifier installation.

With the above quick guide, whole house humidifier maintenance should be easy. If you maintain it properly, it will function well all year long.

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