How Much Does a Furnace Cost?

When you are shopping for a new furnace or to replace an old one, there are many things you need to consider other than the cost. Since buying a furnace is an important decision, you need to do a thorough research before deciding on which furnace to purchase.

Different Furnace Cost

Since there are so many different types and models of furnaces available these days, you may get a little confused about the furnace cost. Because of consumer demands, we can see why there are a large number of various furnaces but this eventually also leads to different furnace prices on a large scale.

As I have mentioned, getting confused is the easy part when buying a new furnace. The tough part is sorting out the good and the bad and understanding which furnace prices is suitable for your budget and lifestyle. Considering the furnace ratings as well will be helpful.

Gas Furnace Prices

Let us now look at some of the gas furnace prices offered by these companies.

Carrier – Carrier is one of the most well-known and reputed companies that manufactures and distributes central gas furnaces. The furnaces produced by Carrier have outstanding efficiency. Compared to other brands, Carrier offers a very good warrantee. The gas furnace prices, however, are quite high.

Trane – Trane gas furnaces are very expensive. Trane is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of gas furnaces. Trane furnaces are available in single and multistage configurations, with some models capable of an AFUE rating of more than 90 percent. The average price of a Trane gas furnace is about $3,000.

Goodman – Goodman gas furnace cost are cheaper than most other furnaces. Their furnaces are available in single and multistage configurations, with some models capable of an AFUE rating of more than 90.

Lennox – Lennox gas furnaces cost about $2500. Lennox is another leading manufacturer and marketer of gas central furnaces. If you want to purchase one of them, you will have to get in touch with their dealer as they are sold only by dealer network.

Rheem – Rheem gas furnaces are long-lasting but their functionality is very limited. The average price of a Rheem central gas furnace is about $2,300.

By shooping around, you will easily get your own idea of the gas furnace cost in your area and make the right decision.

Oil Furnace Prices

If you are looking at the oil furnace cost from a technical point of view, the chances are that you are apt to face difficulties in securing a good deal. However, if you are not concerned with the technical complications and is just looking at it from a basic point of view, then securing a good deal might not be such a big problem.

Looking at it from an average person’s point of view while comparing such prices, there are certain aspects you need to keep in mind.

Things you need to know while comparing oil furnace prices.

The first thing one ought to do while comparing oil furnace prices is to look up the AFUE rating.  AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and it is used to measure the capability of the furnace to convert heat into fuel. As of Jan 1992, the U.S department of energy has set the minimum AFUE rating at 78%.

This means that a furnace whose rating is 90% can convert 90% of heat into fuel. Although in general, a higher efficiency rating is preferred, yet it all depends on your heating needs and your room size. It is also advisable to delve into questions such as the furnace contents, warranty, spare parts and support centers.

Things you should also consider apart from oil furnace prices.

Apart from comparing the oil furnace prices, also consider the furnace ratings. In addition, consulting an expert to get an overview on how much expense you will actually have to incur apart from purchasing the furnace alone is also advisable. This is because of the fact that there are other additional expenses which you might end up incurring apart from the product alone.

Thus, reading the terms and conditions carefully and doing a little research on the market will go a long way in ensuring that you have covered all the other aspects as well and have not based your decision on oil furnace prices alone.

Electric Furnace prices

Electric furnace prices are often cheaper that gas models, but is contingent on the type of electric furnace and the size of the heating space. An electric furnace is not only affordable but compared to gas and other furnace it is much easy to maintain.

Electric furnace prices can be range from $700 to thousand or more. This price can fluctuate depending on different variables like the brand, location of the market and season. Let try to unmask some of them

Factors that Determining Furnace Cost

Furnace Brand

The major companies that manufacture and sell furnaces are Trane, York, Coleman and Goodman. These companies provide a wide range of products with varying price tag depending on various technical specifications.

The furnace prices are not only dependent on the furnace size but the brand. There are price variations between these companies for the same type of furnace.  You should always do a comparative price research of different brands and as well as electric or gas furnace ratings before putting your dollar.

The Location of the Market as a Factor

The location of where you purchase the furnace is also an important in determining the price. The furnace cost will also reflect the nature of the furnace market .In some market the price of same model may be higher than in other market.

Factors like transportation cost for delivery and installation may have a bearing on the price. In such cases buying the product online can provide a cheaper option.

Seasonality Furnace Cost

Another important factor in determining the furnace prices is the season. Keeping the season in mind will help you find a furnace at a cheaper price. Generally heating appliances cost less when you buy in summer.

Winter is the on season when people go shopping for a new furnaces and this can shoot the price. However, if price is not an issue, winter season will offer more product choice.

It is important to remember that the running cost of oil and electric furnace may be lower at the outset when compared to gas furnace but the long term cost may be higher which may reflect in energy bills and replacement parts.

Finally, it is important to note that furnace cost do fluctuate depending of various factors and if the prices a bit higher for your budget then you can wait for the price to drop.

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