How Do You Maintain Cultured Marble?

Many new homes have cultured marble surfaces installed during the building process. A house might have marble countertops or shower tiles, for example. Of course, some homeowners might add cultured marble to their homes during remodeling. They add elegance and style to any home or building.

Careful care must be used to clean and maintain cultured marble. Homeowners should keep the marble clean and shining and keep a watchful eye for any cracks, scratches, or other defects.

You must clean cultured marble with non-abrasive cleaners. In fact, you can use something as simple as liquid dish soap for overall cleaning. Mr. Clean Windex and other mild cleansers can be used as well. This overall cleaning will remove the buildup of dirt, minerals, and other materials on the marble.

Never use harsh and abrasive cleansers to clean cultured marble because this can scratch the surface or ruin the glossy shine. You will never want to use scouring pads or steel wool products when cleaning. Use soft clothes when you are cleaning the marble.

Depending on the location of your marble, various products might be found on your marble. For example, the marble in the bathroom might have splashes of hair spray or nail polish. Unwanted materials can typically be removed using paint thinner or a few splashes of turpentine. Do not use other products to remove buildup unless you are able to verify with a home improvement specialist that it cannot cause damage to your cultured marble.

It is possible that you might get adhesive of some form on your cultured marble. The adhesive might not come up with simple washing. If that is the case, you can try using some nail polish remover. Remember not to close the door in the room where you are using nail polish remover so that you are not affected by the fumes.

You should apply wax to cultured marble at least once per month. You can even use car wax if you do not want to purchase expensive wax designed for marble surfaces. The wax will help to protect the shine and maintain a healthy surface.

If your marble is scratched, you might be able to fix the scratch by rubbing some toothpaste on it and then cleaning the cultured marble. This is only likely to work on minor scratches. Wet sanding and buffing will probably be necessary if there is a deep scratch.

You must be very careful to ensure you do not use harsh compounds when sanding or buffing. If you have any doubts, you will need to contact a professional to remove the marble. You will probably want to contact the home builder or construction company that installed your marble if you have cracks or other major problems with the marble.

Use caution not to ever splash extremely hot water on the marble. You also should not use hot water when cleaning the surface of the cultured marble to protect the gloss.

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Written by: Aaron Walker

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