High Efficiency Gas Furnace Rating

This article is about gas furnace rating and how it affects our environment. I am sure that most of us are very little aware about a furnace, heater, central heating and air units. In case you randomly ask people around in the streets about gas furnace ratings, they would be equally puzzled by this query of yours.

The HVAC technicians are the only people who can give answers to all of our questions in this regard. Let me tell you that these gas furnace ratings are related to the quantity of money invested and also quantity of pollution that will be generated by you.

Every furnace models has a ticket attached to it which tells you about the efficiency rating. The greater the rating is the more effective the particular furnace is.

Gas Furnace Rating 101

It is very essential for us to be knowledgeable about gas furnace ratings and what kind of potential they possess to affect us. Everybody wants to save some money or at least spend more wisely, yet the truth is this that without proper information we cannot accomplish that.

When you are ignorant about furnace ratings, you will come to realize that you might not be utilizing the high quality furnace at home. You could even get duped into buying the less efficient unit just because sales person sweet talks you into a purchase.

These gas furnace ratings are simply the efficiency, output, plus the main power of gas furnace that is relative to universal rating system. This was designed in order to help the customers for a better understanding of the gas furnace units and the potential value.

When you Google for gas furnace ratings you will get lots of information. If you want you can even compare the ratings of your present unit with that of another which you might be contemplating to buy. This way you can compare the ratings and decide which output can provide heating to your home more effectively plus cost effectively. You can take an educated guess and decide which unit you will need.

Rating Categories

For gas furnaces , we have separated into three rating categories . The first category is the furnace basic . Although the units are manufactured with a lower efficiency , for our consideration the unit must have an efficiency rating ( afue ) of at least 90 % . ( with rising energy prices it does not make economic sense to install the unit less efficient . )

The second group has advanced features to improve the energy efficiency of the furnace and called premium . They are more expensive but can be worth the extra cost.

The last group is our ultimate furnace . This unit uses modulation and / or communicate with other parts of the hvac system to maximize efficiency and comfort . These units are usually purchased as a system with air conditioning and other options due to the fact that they are designed to work with a particular product.

How To Use Gas Furnace Ratings

Gas furnace rating are a fast and easy manner to determine up to which extend the furnace is energy star efficient. AFUE is the most popular measure. It is used in order to rate either a singular model, or the entire fleet efficiency belonging to a brand name.

Utilizing such gas furnace ratings is a smart way to avoid sales lecture and determine on your own which model will save you more money year-round. Gas furnaces can be divided into 3 categories: ultimate, premium, and basic.

Gas furnace that could be categorized as ‘basic’ is manufactured with pretty low AFUE. They will cost a lot more while running year round but they feature low upfront price which makes them such an enticing alternative. If you stay in a locality where you hardly need to turn on the heating, then it’s a smart choice. Premium category gas furnace rating have higher AFUE.

They also have a few added features which helps them in keeping the house temperature comfortable. Lastly, the ultimate category gas furnace features a high AFUE, about 95% or even higher. This unit can communicate with the whole HVAC system. This way it gets you maximum comfort that is possible. It offers the highest comfort and is quite safe for our environment. By paying attention to your gas furnace ratings, you will make better choices.

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