Drywall Lift Rental Tips

A drywall lift rental is an invaluable tool when you are hanging drywall in your home. While it normally takes two, or even three, people to install a piece of drywall, a drywall panel lifter allows one person to do the job. If you are an average homeowner who doesn’t spend 40 hours a week working with drywall, you do not have access to a lift. Fortunately, there are several places where you can get a drywall lift rental. Tool shops, home improvement retailers, and hardware stores often rent out equipment daily, weekly, or monthly.

How Long Will You Need a Drywall Lift Rental?

When planning a drywall lift rental, you must plan how long you will need to have the lift to finish your job. To do this accurately, you will need to have a good idea of how much drywall you will hang and how long it will take you to do each wall. If you are installing drywall panels on the ceiling, then a specialized drywall ceiling lift might be worth considering.

Although a wall is relatively quick to hang once you have the lift, giving yourself a bit of extra time is a good idea. There will be a learning curve if this is your first time hanging drywall, and you do not want to have to return the lift before you are done with your project. You should plan on at least 2 days, possibly more if you are a first-time drywaller.

Before you book a drywall lift, you should ensure you have all your other supplies ready. If you work in an unenclosed building, check the weather in advance and plan to build on a clear day. Nothing ruins a project like rain, and you do not want to pay an extra day’s rental because of the weather.

Remember that the more planning you put into your project, the smoother it will go. Try to predict any possible problems before they occur. This will allow you to pick up your lift, hang your drywall and return the lift while paying minimal rental charges.

Shopping Around

It is a good idea to shop around when you are planning to rent a drywall lift. You may be surprised at the number of places that offer rentals, and both the cost of the rental and the staff’s customer service can vary greatly from place to place. Suppose this is your first time hanging drywall. In that case, renting from someone with excellent customer service may be particularly important.

A good retailer like Home Depot will be able to offer you advice and instructions, helping you start out on the right path. If price is a concern, you should also discuss different rental periods with each retailer. You may find that a daily rental does not cost much more than a half-day rental. Getting extra time with the lift for cheap can take off some pressure and ensure you do an excellent job.

Renting the Lift

Although there are several types of drywall lifts, most feature similar designs. Some retailers will have a few different makes and models for rent. It is good to check them out and research the differences before specifying which you would like. If you have used a drywall lift before, you should try to find a model that is as similar as possible to the type you used. The more familiar you are with the machine, the faster the job will go.

Before you complete your drywall lift rental, asking about any special conditions or fees is a good idea. For example, asking about late returns in advance could save you a lot of money. While some shops will prorate a late return and only charge you for the additional hour or two that you had the lift, other shops will charge you for an extra day if you are even five minutes late.

Whether or not you are familiar with the machine, it is also a good idea to ask about a user’s manual. Although most shops provide customers with manuals, the small booklets are easily lost, and you may be left to your own devices if you are dealing with an older machine. If you find yourself in this situation, looking online for a manual copy is a good idea. Most manufacturers provide free copies for customers to download.

Buying a Drywall Lift

If you like to have your own tools, a drywall panel hoist is not all that expensive. Another reason to buy instead of rent is that you might not live close to a tool rental shop, where you can shop online. Buying from Amazon.com also benefits fast, free delivery at the price of most items. Go to Amazon to check out the current price of the Red Line Pro 11-Foot Drywall Lift shown in the picture above. You will find that it is not all that more expensive than a drywall lift rental.

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