DIY vs Professional Spray Foam Installation

If you’ve decided spray foam insulation would be the perfect solution to keep your loft space warm and dry, you must now decide whether you’re going to attempt to apply it yourself or if you’re willing to pay a little extra for a professional installation.

Any professional will tell you that applying spray foam is not a task for any DIY’er, no matter how experienced you are. There are so many things that can go wrong, including numerous safety concerns as well as reduced performance, potentially resulting in problems that might cost more to rectify than the original cost of the installation.

What’s the difference between a DIY kit and professional spray foam?

There is a marked difference in the foam used in DIY kits and by professional installers. The professionally applied foam is more robust and contains greater additives for your protection. In addition, it’s the application process that also makes the difference.

DIY kits are disposable, portable, pre-pressurized systems that allow you to spray the underside of your roof to create a layer of insulation.

Professional installers use more high pressured equipment that pumps the foam through heated hoses that reach into the loft space. In the hands of an experienced sprayer, there is a faster, more precise, and consistent application across your internal roof area, ensuring more even but concentrated coverage.

The Health Risks

Spray foam can cause some people to have allergic reactions if they come into direct contact with the foam. The fumes from the installation process can also be extremely hazardous if inhaled, and if the foam comes into contact with your eyes, it can be very painful.

The dangers are obviously increased if you attempt to install it yourself, as you are unlikely to have the correct protective clothing or the necessary knowledge to keep yourself safe. Professional installation teams will be fully equipped with respirators, overalls, and safety goggles to ensure they remain safe.

Installation Experts

Spray foam insulation does cost more than traditional fiberglass, so if you’re investing in more effective insulation, it makes sense to invest in professional installation as well.

Look for a reliable company that specializes in spray foam application and has many years of experience so you can be confident of a quality, lasting finish.

A specialist company will be able to assess the state and condition of your roof and recommend the right thickness to suit your home. They will also be able to talk you through the different advantages of spray foam that will benefit you – things like the thermal and acoustic benefits and the reduced C02 emissions and energy bills, as well as improved roof strength and roof integrity.


One of the biggest benefits of having a professional company install your spray foam is the guarantees you will receive as part of the service. They will provide a ten-year, insurance-backed guarantee to all their domestic and commercial customers on completion. So if your new spray foam system should crack, peel, flake, or lose its adhesion within ten years, they will provide all the necessary replacement materials and labor to repair it effectively.

Industry leaders do not recommend that you attempt to install spray foam yourself because of the health risks involved. Reputable roof insulation contractors will be more than happy to give you a cost-effective quote, ensuring you receive great value for money by installing the highest quality spray foam available.

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