Can You Replace A Roof In The Winter

Any roofing company will agree that installing a replacement roof in the winter will be a challenge due to crazy weather conditions that include extreme cold, unpredictable rainfall, and possibly snow or ice. However, installing a new roof or replacement roof in the winter is not impossible!

An experienced residential roofing company can handle the project with roofing crews that are trained in how to install roofs in cold or damp weather.

There are a few common concerns about installing composition or asphalt shingles in cold weather, such as how the shingles will lay down or bond to each other. But if you understand the issues like a professional roofing contractor does, you should have no serious concerns regarding the quality of your home’s new roof installation.

We would like to address some of the common misconceptions about roofing installations and replacement in the winter.

1) Severe weather does not make it risky to install new or replacement residential roofing.

Experienced roofers know exactly how to protect an exposed roof and control the installation to mitigate any potential leak problems. The better roofers can protect your home from the rain at any time of year. The only real challenge is in the few days when ice is on roofs, and a secure footing is nearly impossible. Your roofer will usually cover your roof with a tarp and pull off of the job for 1-2 days for the ice to melt.

2) Roofing felt and asphalt or composition shingles CAN be installed year-round.

These shingles do become less flexible in cold weather; however, this does not impede the ability to properly install, seal or complete a roofing project. Cold weather can often make it a bit easier to remove an old roof to make your home ready for a replacement roof.

3) Asphalt and composition shingles installed in cold weather are immediately secure.

Yes, hot summer weather will help the shingles to bond together; however, each shingle has an adhesive strip to bond it to the adjacent layer. Additionally, the mechanical fasteners (roofing nails) hold each and every shingle securely in place.

Should any shingles somehow manage to break loose, the best roofing companies will gladly return to repair any accidental workmanship issues. Each roofing company may have its own special warranty in addition to any roof material warranties offered by the shingle manufacturer. One roofer offers a premium shingle that comes with a lifetime warranty! We urge every homeowner to enjoy “the happy talk” from the roofing salesperson but ask a lot of specific questions and get as many of the answers in writing as possible.

And always get a signed Lien Release from the roofing company before you pay their final invoice. This will protect you from any claims that may be filed against your home’s title by unpaid contractors hired by the roofing company. Send us a line if you need more information on how to choose a roofing company to install your new roof or replacement roof in the winter. We’ll guide you in the right direction!

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Written by: Aaron Walker

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